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"... In 1919 the Thule Society was founded in Germany, its founder was Karl Ernst Haushofer. The name of Thule was chosen in allusion to the kingdom of Thule, of the legendary Atlantis. Among the members of the Thule society were Heinrich Himmler and Alfred Rosenberg, the confessor of Hitler the priest Bernhard Stempfle, Cistercian monks of the "holy order of the Cistercian Order", as Guido von List and members of the "Order of the Temple" the so-called "Herren von Schwarzem Stein" (gentlemen of the black stone). The 20 most important members of the Thule society (see infographic)."

"Some time after the formation of Thule, the political ambitions of the Society generated the formation of small independent groups, one of which was called" Vril Society. "At the end of 1919, a select group of members of the Thule and Vril societies They met at a mansion in Berteschgarden, at which time the meeting was chaired by Dr. Schumann, who specialized in what we would now call "Alternative Energies" and was aware of the Tesla effect, from whom he obtained the information for his known resonance, in María Ostich, the medium who was the first to reach the contact, was also the meeting, I will not relate the details of these meetings, but I will say that they managed to contact extraterrestrial intelligences that transmitted everything related to non-traditional sciences, physics, matricial or multidimensional geometry and mathematics, experimenting with zero gravity and reaching mid-19 34 to create his first experimental ship, propelled by zero point gravitational energy. Those responsible for its construction were Doctor Schumann and an engineer from Wochum, named Andreas Epp ... " Time travel.

About the Thule Society and its history, there is a lot of bibliography that can be consulted on the web, what you will not find is the content treated in your meetings, because as always, this moves behind the apparent, and only those who are part of it have. I have had the "luck", better to call it synchronicity, to have had access to that information and knowledge imparted, Hyperborean knowledge of the Thule of the origins that I have largely shared in the articles of this space. This knowledge has nothing to do with the hyperborean wisdom of Felipe Moyano and his ignorant followers, or Miguel Serrano and his staunch detractors, but it has to do with the original and unadulterated line of knowledge of the hyperborean knowledge, a line of knowledge from which Adolf Hitler drank, along with others who were part of those secret societies.

Not long ago a friend told me that he was surprised by the amount of articles that referred to Adolf Hitler and the National Socialism that has been published recently on the blog. Certainly, when ignoring the entire DDLA project and the purpose of which it is part, it is strange and even fanciful or fanatical that said action, but everything in DDLA has a reason and why, a hidden message that only those who did the internal and external work of the Möbius strip will be able to glimpse, because it is something that can not be intellectualized from the material, but felt from the spirit, because the consciousness of the Being is the only one that can encompass the greatness of purpose and mission in the one that we find ourselves immersed in, those that from belonging we activate towards a common goal, the liberation of humanity from the confinement of its own mind.

The Thule society along with the Vril was one of the "ignition points" that the Dragon used to start that mission of which I speak. When in 1908 the Dragon came to Tunguska started an octave parallel to the Fa key, that transited by a semitone out of time, accompanying the course of the Fa Key and its events, but without directly influencing the corresponding note (event), but in the semitone that accompanies it (process that triggers the event). In this way, it is ensured not to change the time line, and maintain the projective octave of the line 42 from which it comes, without any deviation. The summation of the parts makes the whole, as the sum of events do to the future, because time is the movement of space, a continuity of events that linked to each other form the reality and the time line that we travel..

"... Maria Orsic, Ostich or Orsitch was a medium (conscious organic portal) who contacted an alien race from Aldebaran (Alpha Tauri), the brightest star in the constellation Taurus (the bull), the minotaur of the legendary labyrinth, theme for another article. This race known popularly as Nordic and internally by the Thule and Vril society as "Aryans from Sumi", is a race that would have arrived and inhabited the earth 500 million years ago. The Aryans from Sumi transmitted to Maria Ostich and another medium called Sieggrund, a series of information that they transcribed in writing as they were received ... "Mond Dunkel.

The Aryans of Sumi, as Maria Orsic introduced the Dragon in 1919. The Brotherhood of the Dragon he knew the history of our origins and knew that the members of the Vril society would pay attention to Maria Orsic, because the Vril society had a direct association with the Nordic of the Hyperborean knowledge that Thule handled, and the Aryans of Sumi were the characters indicated for paper. Nor did the Dragon choose the origin of the Aryans at random, because Aldebaran (Alpha Tauri), of the constellation of Taurus (the bull), represents the minotaur of the legendary labyrinth of Crete, a labyrinth that also symbolizes the mental labyrinth that traps the To be in an infinite number of unsuccessful and trivial paths with no way out, the prison, the labyrinth that Felipe Moyano called Tirodinguiburr. Also Alpha Tauri was the origin of the Elohim, the race that set the Rh- of the Aryan blood, and why a lesser god started the pact of domain and manipulation that the secret government executes. As you see everything is linked, everything has to do with everything, the puzzle takes shape and the figure begins to appreciate.

From there the Dragon begins to give information and knowledge to Thule and Vril to begin with his agenda, agenda that today unravels with the events that we all know. In March 1945 Maria Orsic received a statement from the "Aryan messengers" advising her of the imminent defeat of Germany. On March 15, 1945, Maria Orsic met with Dr. Schumann, who gave him a package with unknown content, supposedly documents from the Thule and Vril society, although I am inclined to something else that I will not talk about now. Three days later, Maria went to the hangars in Munich, and as they say, she took off in a Vril or Haunebu project ship with an unknown destination. Nobody has heard about her anymore, because her mission was over and she would have returned with her family to the HG1564 for the next mission.

Important Members of the Thule society

Rudolf von Sebottendorf The Diary of Adolf Rudolf "Freiherr" von Sebottendorf Supreme Master of the Order
Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels The Diary of Adolf Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels Master of the Order
Adolf Hitler The Diary of Adolf Adolf Hitler hancellor of the Reich and Führer of Germany
Rudolf Walter Richard Hess The Diary of Adolf Rudolf Walter Richard Hess Lieutenant of the Führer and SS-Obergruppenführer
Hermann Wilhelm Goering The Diary of Adolf Hermann Wilhelm Goering Marshal of the Reich and SS-Obergruppenführer
Heinrich Luitpold Himmler The Diary of Adolf Heinrich Luitpold Himmler Reichsführer SS and Minister of the Reich
Alfred Rosenberg The Diary of Adolf Alfred Rosenberg Minister of the Reich and NS-Reichsleiter
Hans Frank The Diary of Adolf Hans Frank Dr. Honoris Causa, NS-Reichsleiter and Governor in Poland
Julius Streicher The Diary of Adolf Julius Streicher SA-Obergruppenführer and Gauleiter of Franconia
Karl Ernst Haushofer The Diary of Adolf Karl Ernst Haushofer Senior General Retired
Gottfried Feder The Diary of Adolf Gottfried Feder Retired State Secretary
Johann Dietrich Eckart The Diary of Adolf Johann Dietrich Eckart Editor-in-Chief of the "Völkischer Beobachter" and Intimate of Hitler
Bernhard Stempfle The Diary of Adolf Bernhard Stempfle Priest Confessor of Hitler and Intimate
Theodor Gilbert Morell The Diary of Adolf Theodor Gilbert Morell Hitler's Chamber Physician
Franz Gürtner The Diary of Adolf Franz Gürtner President of the Munich Police
Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner The Diary of Adolf Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner Founder of the Anthroposophical Doctrine
Winfried Otto Schumann The Diary of Adolf Winfried Otto Schumann Scientist and Professor at the Technical University of Munich
Ignaz Trebitsch-Lincoln The Diary of Adolf Ignaz Trebitsch-Lincoln Occultist and Himalayan Explorer
Hella Gräfin von Westarp The Diary of Adolf Hella Gräfin von Westarp Countess