169 B.C. King Antiochus Epiphanes of Syria, during the sacking of the Temple of Jerusalem, he found a Greek in a camera of a secret chamber, who He begged the king to save him. He had been drawn to the Temple in Jerusalem. The Jews they replied that there was a law of their religion that ordered sacrifices the weeds during the year. That's why they were looking for a stranger from whom be able to seize. They fattened him, took him to the forest, sacrificed him, ate something of his flesh, they drank his blood and threw the rest of his body in a ditch....
418 Baronius reports on the crucifixion of a child by Jews in Imm, locality between Aleppo and Antioch.
419 In the Syrian district of Immestar, between Chalcis and Antioch, the Jews they tied a Christian child to a cross on a holiday and then they whipped him to death (Socrates).
425 Baronius reports on the crucifixion of a child.
614 After the conquest of Jerusalem, the Jews bought for very little money to 90,000 prisoners of the Persian king Chosros II, murdering them in the most disgusting ways.
1071 Several Jews from Blois crucified a child during the celebration of Easter, placed his body in a bag and threw it into the Loire River. Count Theobald ordered that the culprits be burned alive.
1144 During the Pesach, in Norwich, a twelve-year-old boy known as St. William was bound by the Jews of the place and then hung from a cross, bleeding him from a wound in his side. The Jews hid the body in a place in the forest. They were surprised by Eílverdus, a local citizen who was bribed with money and ordered to remain silent. Despite these precautions, the crime became notorious.
1160 The Jews of Gloucester crucified a child.
March, 1179 On March 25, in Pontoise, just before Passover, San Ricardo was massacred by the Jews, who bled him to death. Because of this the Jews were expelled from France.
1181 At Easter, in London, near the church of St. Edmund, the Jews murdered a boy named Robertus.
1181 In Zaragoza the same thing happened with a boy named Dominico.
1191 The Jews of Braisne crucified a Christian who had accused them of robbery and murder. Before being crucified, they dragged him around the town. Because of this, eighty of them were burned by King Philip Augustus, who had personally come to Braisne on purpose.
June, 1220 On June 29, in Weissemburg, Alsace, a boy named San Enrique was murdered by the Jews.
1225 In Munich, a woman who had been seduced by the gold of the Jews stole a child from her neighbor. The Jews bled him. Caught in her second attempt, the criminal was handed over to the authorities.
December, 1235 The Jews committed the same crime, on December 1, in Erfurt.
1236 In Hagenau, Alsace, three Christian children from the Fulda region were attacked by the Jews in a mill at night and killed in order to obtain their blood.
1239 A general uprising arose in London because of a murder secretly committed by the Jews.
1240 n Norwich, the Jews circumcised a Christian child and kept him hiding in the ghetto while preparing for the act of crucifixion. After a long and desperate search, the father found his son, informing Bishop Guillermo de Rete of the whole episode.
1244 In the San Benedicto cemetery, in London, the body of a child who had cuts and excoriations was found. In several places Hebrew characters were noted. He had been tortured and killed, as well as bled. Baptized Jews were forced to interpret the Hebrew signs; these turned out to be the names of the parents, in addition they said that the boy had been sold to the Jews being very small. The distinguished Jews left the city secretly. The Catholic Church venerates the martyr under the name of Saint Paul.
1250 The Jews of Zaragoza adopted the unusual and horrible method that any person who contributed a child for sacrifice would be freed from paying any taxes or debts. In June 1250, Moisés Albay-Huzet, also called Albajucetto, gave Domingo del Val, seven years old, the Jews for a crucifixion.
1255 In Lincoln, England, on the day of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, a child named Saint Hugh was stolen, hidden and then crucified by local Jews. They beat him with sticks for so long that he lost most of his blood.
1257 In order to commit their annual sacrifice, the Jews of London tore apart a Christian child.
1260 The Jews of Weissenburg killed a child.
1261 In Pforzheim, a seven-year-old girl who had been handed over to the Jews by a Christian woman was stabbed in the legs, then dipped a linen cloth in her blood. Later his corpse was found in the river.
April, 1279 The most respectable Jews in London crucified a Christian child on April 2.
1279 A Christian child was crucified in Northampton after his innumerable tortures.
1282 In Munich, the Jews bought a child by stabbing him all over his body.
1283 A boy was sold by his nanny to the Jews of Mainz to murder him.
1286 In Munich, the Jews martyred a child. The wooden synagogue was surrounded with fire and one hundred and eighty Jews were burned alive.
April, 1286 In April, in Oberwesel, on the Rhine, Saint Werner, aged fourteen, was slowly tortured to death by the Jews for a period of three days.
1287 The Jews in Bern abducted St. Rodolfo during the Pesach period, tortured the child horribly and finally cut his throat.
1292 In Colmar, a child was killed by the Jews.
1293 In Crems, a child was sacrificed by the Jews. Two of the murderers were punished, the others were saved through the power of gold.
1294 In Berne, Jews also murdered a child.
1302 In Remken, the same crime.
1303 In Weissensee, Thuringia, Conrad, the son of a soldier, was killed on Easter. His muscles were cut into pieces and his veins opened to bleed him quickly.
1305 In Prague, during the Easter season, a Christian who had worked out of necessity for the Jews, was nailed to a cross, beaten with sticks, and spat on his face.
1320 In Puy, a choir boy from the local church was sacrificed.
1321 In Annecy, a young priest was killed. The Jews were expelled from the city by a decree of King Philip V.
1331 In Uberlingen, the Jews threw the son of a citizen named Frey into a well. The incisions that were found in the corpse proved that it had been bled.
1338 A noble from Franconia was destroyed in Munich by the Jews. His brother avenged him with a bloodbath he prepared for the Jews.
1345 In Munich, the Jews opened the veins of a small child, Heinrich, and stabbed him more than sixty times. The Church canonized Heinrich..
1347 In Messina, a child was crucified on Good Friday.
1349 The Jews wanted to attack and kill the Christians gathered in their church in Rothenburg. A servant of one of the Jews denounced the plan, causing the Christians to come out indignant from their church and kill all the Jews.
1350 Johannes, a student at the school of San Sigberto in Cologne, died after being stabbed by local Jews.
1380 In Hagenbach, Swabia, several Jews were caught murdering a Christian child.
1401 In Diesenhofen, Switzerland, (near Schaffhausen), four-year-old Conrad Lory was killed. It was said that his blood had been sold by Johann Zahn to the Jew Michael Vitelmann for the sum of 3 guilders.
1407 The Jews were expelled from Switzerland for a similar crime in the same region.
1410 In Thuringia, Jews were persecuted because of discoveries of ritual murders.
1429 In Rovensbourg, Wurttemberg, a Christian boy named Ludwig van Bruck, from Switzerland, who was studying in that city and living among Jews, was martyred by three Jews who tortured and raped him. This happened during a great Jewish festival (it was the time of the Pesach) between Easter and Pentecost.
1440 Simon of Ancona, a Jewish doctor from Pavia, beheaded a four-year-old boy who had been robbed and handed over by a degenerate Christian. The fact was made public when a dog jumped out of a window with the child's head on its nose. The murderer escaped.
1452 In Savona, several Jews killed a two-year-old Christian child. They pricked her body entirely by collecting the blood in a vessel that they then used for the circumcision of their own children. The Jews dipped small pieces of fruit in their blood, reveling later in their food.
1453 In Breslau, the Jews stole a child, made him fat; Then they put it in a barrel previously covered with nails, it was rolled for hours so that the body would bleed.
1454 In the dominions of Luis de Almanza, in Castilla, two Jews killed a Christian child. They took his heart out and burned it. They threw the ashes into the wine they drank with great rejoicing with the other Jews. They spent a lot of money but managed to postpone the trial, since two of the three lawyers were of Jewish descent. After this the Jews were banished from Spain.
1462 In a birch forest in Rinn, near Innsbruck, a boy named Andreas Oxner was sold to the Jews to sacrifice him. The Church canonized him. A chapel called Zum Judenstein (To the Stone of the Jews) was erected in his memory.
1468 In Sepúlveda, Old Castile, the Jews crucified a Christian woman on Good Friday under the order of Rabbi Solomon Chest.
1470 In Baden, the Jews were condemned for the murder of a Christian child.
March, 1475 In Trento, on March 23, Holy Thursday, just before Easter, a twenty-nine-month-old boy named Simon was sacrificed by the Jews.
1476 The Jews of Regensburg murdered six children. The judge found the remains of the victims as well as a stone vessel containing the blood in a kind of altar erected in an underground vault of a Jew named Josfol.
1480 In Treviso, a crime similar to that of Trento was committed. The murder of the then canonized Sebastiano de Porto-Buffole de Bergamo. The Jews bled him.
1480 In Motta, Venice, the Jews killed a child at the time of Easter.
1485 In Vicenza, the boy who would later be Saint Laurentius was murdered by the Jews.
1490 In Guardia, near Toledo, Jews crucified a child.
1494 In Tyrnau, Hungary, twenty-four Jews imprisoned a Christian child. They opened their veins and carefully collected their blood. They drank a little and the rest they kept for their fellow religionists.
1503 In Larigendenzlingn, a father handed over his four-year-old son to two Jews from Waldkirchen, in Baden, for 10 florins, on the condition of being returned alive after taking a small amount of blood. However, they got so much out of him that the boy died.
1505 A crime similar to that of Langendentzlingen in Bohemia was perpetrated.
1509 Several Jews desecrated a guest brought by a merchant from sanctuary objects and murdered several children.
1509 The Jews of Bosingen, Hungary, kidnapped the child from a carter, dragged him to a basement, tortured him horribly, opened all his veins and then sucked the blood with feather songs. Finally they put the body in a fence of bushes. The Jews admitted their guilt after denying it many times.
1510 In Berlin, the Jews Solomon, Jacob, Aaron, Rabbi Mosch and the butcher Jacob were accused of buying a Christian child of three or four years to a foreigner for 10 florins, putting it on a table and piercing with needles in the veins leading to kill him fiercely. A very important trial culminated in the prison sentence for about a hundred Jews who had participated in the crime. They partially admitted that they had bought Christian children from foreigners, who had stabbed them, bled and drank their blood in case of diseases or mixed with tomatoes, ginger and honey. No less than forty-one of the Jews were sentenced to death by fire after having confessed.
1520 The Jews of Hungary repeated the crime of 1494 by murdering a Christian child in Tyrnau and Biring, draining the blood from his body.
1525 A ritual murder in Budapest caused an important anti-Semitic movement among the population. That same year the Jews were expelled from Hungary.
1540 In Sappenfeld, Bavaria, Michael Pisenharter, four years old, was kidnapped before Easter and taken to Titivy (north of Ingolstadt), where he suffered horrible tortures for three days with his veins open to bleed to death. The corpse showed marks of having been crucified. The blood was found in Posingen.
1547 In Rava, Poland, two Jews stole the son of a tailor. This child named Michael was crucified.
1569 In Vitov, Poland, Johann, two years old, the son of the widower Kozmianina, was savagely murdered by Jacob, a Jew from Leipzig.
1571 M.A. Bradaginus was brutally murdered by the Jews.
1571 Joachim II, elector of Brandenburg, was poisoned by a Jew with whom he was associated.
1573 In Berlin, a child who had been bought from a beggar was tortured to death by a Jew.
1574 In Punia, Lithuania, the Jew Joachim Smierlowicz killed a seven-year-old girl named Elizabeth shortly before the Pesach. In the chapel of the Holy Cross in Vilnius, there is an inscription and a painting that prove that the girl's blood had been mixed with flour to use this preparation in the preparation of masses for Easter. At the same time a Christian child from Zglobice was stolen and taken to Tarnow, where another Christian child was also found in the hands of the Jews under suspicious circumstances: both were released.
1575 The Jews killed a child named Michael de Jacobi.
1586 EIn a series of cases, Christian children were snatched from their parents and then killed; Rupert clarified these crimes going back to the Jews.
1592 In Vilna, a seven-year-old Christian boy named Simon was horribly tortured by the Jews to death. They found more than one hundred and seventy wounds made with knives and scissors on his body. He also had numerous cuts under his fingers and toenails.
1595 In Costvn, Posen, a child was tortured to death by the Jews.
1597 In Szydlov, the blood of a child was used for the consecration of a new synagogue. The eyelids, neck, veins, extremities and even the child's sexual organs showed innumerable puncture wounds.
1598 In the village of Wodznick, in the Polish province of Podolia, the son of a Roman Catholic farmer, who was only four years old, was robbed by two young Jews and killed four days before the Jewish Passover. He was horribly tortured by the most representative Jews of the region.
1650 In Caaden, Steiermark, a five-and-a-half-year-old boy named Matheo Jillech, was murdered by a Jew on March 11.
March, 1655 In Tunguch, in southern Germany, Jews murdered a Christian child for their Easter celebrations.
May, 1665 On May 12, Jews murdered a woman in Vienna. The body was found in a pond, put in a bag with stones to stay in the bottom. The body was covered in wounds, decapitated and with legs cut below the knees.
September, 1669 On the road that leads from Metz to Boulay, near the village of Clatigny, on September 22, a three-year-old boy was robbed from his mother by the Jew Raphael Levy. It was horribly murdered. His body had been viciously mutilated. The murderer was burned alive on January 17, 1670.
March, 1675 In Miess, Bohemia, a four-year-old Christian boy, was killed by the Jews on March 12.
1684 In the village of Crodno, in the State of Minsk, in Russia, the Jew Schulka stole a six-year-old Christian boy named Gabriel and took him to Bialystoek where, in the presence of other Jews, he was tortured to death and bled to death.
April, 1753 On a Good Friday, April 20, in a village near Kiev (Russia), the Jews kidnapped a boy of three and a half years, the son of a noble named Studzinski. They hid it in a tavern until the end of the Sabbath, and then it was monstrously sacrificed with the help of Rabbi Schmaja. The blood was collected in numerous bottles.
June, 1764 A ten-year-old son of Johann Balla, who had disappeared on June 19 from Orkul, Hungary, was found in a nearby wooded forest.
February, 1791 On February 21, the body of a thirteen-year-old boy named Andreas Takals, who lived with a Jew named Abraham, was found. The body was found in the vicinity of Tasnad (Siebenburgen). He had been bled by the jugular vein.
1791 At the same time, two blood murders were reported in Holleschau, Moravia, and in Woplawicz in the Duplin district.
1791 During the reign of Sultan Selim III, the Jews killed a Greek youth in Pera. They hung it by the feet of a tree.
March, 1803 On March 10, a seventy-two-year-old Jew named Hirsch of Sugenheim seized a boy of two and a half years on the road from Ullstadt to Lengenfeld, in Buchhof, near Nuremberg. Several days later the Jew denied having been in Buchhof on March 10. The father of the child who had witnesses who would say otherwise, was rejected in court through threats and insults. On March 12, the corpse was found with its tongue cut and its mouth full of blood. The governor of the district of Newstadt was harassed by the Jews until the matter turned to his satisfaction. The father was forced under threats to sign a protocol in which it appeared that the child who had been found still hot, had died by freezing.
1804 In Grafenberg, near Nuremberg, a child of two or three years old was kidnapped by an old Jew from Ermreuth, called Bausoh. Soldiers saved the child from a crime after hearing his screams.
1810 Among the documents of the Damascus trial, there is a letter from John Barker, ex-consul in Aleppo, where a poor Christian was mentioned who had suddenly disappeared from Aleppo. The Hebrew Raphael of Ancona was accused of having killed the victim by bleeding to death.
October, 1812 On the island of Corfu, in October, three Jews who had strangled a child were condemned to death. Some time later, the son of a Greek named Riga was robbed and murdered by the Jews.
1817 The process for the murder committed in that year was annulled by prescription of time. The victim was Marianna Adamovicz.
April, 1823 On April 22, in Velisch, under the Russian government of Vitebsk, a child of three and a half years, the son of the invalid Jemelian Ivanov, was robbed and tortured and bled to death. Despite a large number of statements incriminating the Jews, the trial was inexplicably halted.
1824 In Beirut, the interpreter Fatch-allah-Sayegh was killed by a Jewish landowner. The investigation showed that the crime had ritual purposes.
1826 In Warsaw, the body of a five-year-old boy whose body had been wounded in more than a hundred places and bled was found. All of Warsaw was outraged, everywhere the Jews protested their innocence without being accused yet. The depositions that were made in court, along with the medical evidence, were removed from the documents.
1827 In Vilnius, Russia, the stabbed corpse of Ossib Petroviez, the son of a local farmer, was found. According to the testimony of sixteen-year-old sheepher Zulovski, the boy had been kidnapped by the Jews.
1829 In Turin, the merchant's wife Antonio Gervalon was abducted. In a basement it was prepared for sacrifice by two Rabbis. Appealing to the last forces she still had, she shouted cries that were heard by her husband, who, accompanied by soldiers, sought her through the Jewish neighborhoods. In this way he freed her. The culprits quieted the incident with money.
1831 The murder of the daughter of a corporal of the St. Petersburg Guard occurred. Four judges ruled that it had been a ritual crime, only the fifth questioned it.
1834 According to the testimony of the Jewish Ben Noud, converted to Christianity, a non-Jewish old man from Tripoli was tied and hung by the feet of an orange tree by four or five Jews. At the moment when the victim was about to die, the Jews cut his neck with a butcher knife, leaving him to hang until he died completely bled. They collected the blood in a vessel.
1839 On the island of Rhodas, an eight-year-old boy, the son of a local merchant who was selling eggs to Jews, disappeared without a trace. The Jewish money, with its enormous power, managed to stop, and later extinguish, the proceedings of the court.
1839 In Damascus, customs officials discovered a Jew carrying a bottle containing blood. The Jew offered them 10,000 piasters to quell the matter.
February, 1840 In February, near the Purim, the famous ritual murder of Father Thomas takes place in Damascus.
1843 The murders of Christian children by Jews take place in Rhodes, Corfu and other nearby places.
1875 In Zboro, in the county of Saros, in Hungary, several Jews attacked a sixteen-year-old servant named Anna Zamba in the home of her master Horowitz. They had already raised the knife on her when a coachman accidentally intervened, saving her in that way. The president of the court, Bartholomaus Winkler, who was in debt to the Jews, was afraid to bring the criminals to justice.
1877 In the village of Szalaacs, in the county of Bihar (Hungary), Theresia Szabo and Peter Szabo, nephews of a certain Josef Klee, aged six and nine respectively, were murdered by the Jews. The investigation was carried out by a Jewish doctor, who declared that the children had not been victims of a crime, thus closing the case.
1879 In Budapest, before the Purim festival, a young maid from the Jewish quarter was drugged with a drink to make her unconscious. Twenty-four hours after the party, she woke up so weak she could barely walk. In his right arm, his left thigh, all over his body and below the navel, circular wounds were found as blood spots with small openings in the center. They had drawn blood.
1879 In Kutais, Caucasus, four Jewish image merchants killed a six-year-old girl. They had made cuts between his fingers with a knife, horizontal incisions above his calves, and there was not a single drop of blood in his veins. With the help of the powerful Jews of Russia, the guilty got rid of all punishment.
1881 In Kaschau, Hungary, the daughter of a certain Josef Kozis disappeared. Two weeks later the body was found completely bled in a well.
1881 In Steinamanger, an eight-year-old girl, granddaughter of a coachman who worked for the Jews, disappeared.
1881 In Alexandria, the Jews killed a Christian child named Gospel Fornaraki. The body was discovered on the seashore, and his parents allowed an autopsy that lasted several days. This caused violent demonstrations against the Jews. The Baruch family, the main suspect in the murder, was arrested but later released.
1881 In the city of Lutscha, Galicia, the Polish maid named Franceska Mnich, who had worked for the owner of a Jewish tavern called Moses Ritter, was first raped by him and then murdered by Moses and his wife, Gittel Ritter. This was witnessed by farmer Mariell Stochlinsky.
1882 In Tisza-Esslar, shortly before the Jewish Passover, a four-year-old Christian girl named Esther Solymosi disappeared. As the girl had been last seen in the vicinity of the synagogue, suspicion immediately fell on the Jews. Moritz, five years old, son of the temple servant, Josef Scharf, witnessed and testified that Esther had been taken to the temple and brutally murdered there. The corpse of the girl was never found.
1882 In Galata, the ghetto of Constantinople, a girl was incited to enter the house of a Jew, more than twenty of whom saw her enter. The next day his corpse was found in the Golden Horn, causing great turmoil among the Christian and Muslim population.
1882 Very shortly after, again in Galata a similar event occurred. A distinguished lawyer from the Greek community called Serouios sent a petition to the representatives of all the Christian European powers of Constantinople to support the demand that justice be done. But the Jews bribed the Turkish police, thus disappearing evidence of the case. The doctors also bribed, declared that the mother of the child kidnapped and murdered had altered mental faculties.
1883 Once again, there was a ritual murder in Galatia. The police, bribed by the Jews with their powerful money, prevented the investigation. The newspaper Stamboul (Istanbul) that had spoken violently against the culprits was closed. This cost the Jews 137,000 francs.
1883 150 French children were murdered in horrible ways in the suburbs of Paris, just before the Jewish Passover holiday. Later investigations showed that the Jews had murdered them and taken their blood ... A similar incident occurred in London, when many English children were killed by Jewish rabbis.
January, 1884 In Sturz, West Prussia, on January 1, the fourteen-year-old body of a fourteen-year-old boy named Onophrius Cybulla was found. According to the opinion of the forensic doctor, the body found under a bridge had been dismembered by an expert in the use of the knife. Although the child had been healthy, strong and full, his body had a total absence of blood. Immediately suspicion fell on several Jews, gathering evidence during the investigation. However, it was said that they did not have enough evidence, therefore detained Jews were released.
1885 In Mit-Kamar, Egypt, a young Coptic was brutally murdered during the Easter celebration.
July, 1888 In the month of July, in Breslau, a criminal act of a ritual nature was committed. Twenty-four-year-old Max Bernstein, a candidate for Talmudic school, had a seven-year-old boy named Severin Hacke enter his room and draw blood from his sexual organs. After the judge's verdict, Bernstein confessed: "The Bible and the Talmud teach that the most serious of sins can only be atoned for by innocent blood." For that reason he had extracted the child's blood. The Jews recognized the danger and rushed to declare Bernstein a religious maniac.
June, 1891 The murder of a child in Xanten, on the Rhine, occurred. The sturdy five-year-old son of a Catholic carpenter named Heggemann was found at six o'clock in the afternoon on June 29 by the maid, Dora Moll, in a cow barn. City counselor, Kuppers, with his legs spread apart, lying on his side with a distinctly ritual cut in the shape of a circle that had evidently been done by an expert. I was completely bled. The boy had disappeared at ten-thirty in the morning after three witnesses saw him being forcibly entered into the house of the Jewish butcher Buschoff.
March, 1899 On March 26, the nineteen-year-old single-sex seamstress named Agnes Hruza was murdered by the Jewish butcher Leopold Hilsner. The body was found without blood. The murderer was sentenced to death by the Kuttenberg court.
March, 1900 On March 11, in Konitz, Western Prussia, the eighteen-year-old bachelor named Ernst Winter was bestially murdered. Two days later they found parts of his body quartered in the Monchsee river; almost five days later, on April 15, the first day of Holy Week, some boys who played found their heads in some bushes. The body was completely bled. Winter had been ritually murdered. The crime was committed in the basement of a Jewish butcher named Moritz Levi. On the day of the murder, a large number of foreign Jews who were in Konitz left the city hastily without having given any valid reason for the reason for their visit.
March, 1911 The thirteen-year-old student Andrei Ioutchinski was killed in Kiev on March 12. After eight days his body was found in a brick factory, it was torn and without blood. Suspicions fell on the Jewish manager of the factory, Mendel Beiliss. Behind the defendant, always in the shade, was the figure of Faivel Schneerson, in Ljuboritschi, chief of the Zadiks (Saints) of the Chassidim sect, who had been the spiritual director of the murder. The court declared that the crime had been committed inside the Jewish factory. Almost all the prosecutors, witnesses and authorities who had spoken against Judaism were victims of Bolshevik terror.
1926 The remains of the bodies of the children Hans and Erika Fehse were found in a package in a public square in Breslau. The children had been brutally murdered, and they showed no traces of blood. The genitals were missing. It was believed that the Jewish butcher was the culprit, but escaped without leaving traces.
March, 1928 The student Helmut Daube was the victim of a horrible murder on the night of March 22-23, 1928. In the morning the bleeding body lay in front of his parents' house.
March, 1929 OThe murder of Manau happened. The boy named Karl Kessler was found torn and bloodless on March 17, 1929, a few days before the Pesach.
May, 1932 On May 18, Martha Kaspar was dismembered in Paderborn. The pieces of the corpse showed no blood. The Jew Moritz Meyer was sentenced to fifteen years in prison.
July, 1955 In October 1955 four white children, two young boys who were brothers and two teenage sisters, were kidnapped and murdered in a manner suggesting a Jewish ritual sacrifice, with the liturgical goal of obtaining Gentile blood to be mixed with matzoh bread, used in various Jewish esoteric and religious ceremonies such as Purim, Passover, Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur.
169 A.C.
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