Return / The Diary Of Adolf
Music : Horst Wessel Lied - Classical Piano Rendition (Die Fahne hoch)
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Vicente G is the grandson of German immigrants who arrived in Argentina after the Second World War. While being with some friends visiting the old and abandoned Eden Hotel, in Cordoba, Argentina, Vicente finds hidden in one of the rooms an old newspaper, which, to his surprise and amazement, is the personal diary of Adolf Hitler. There begins the mysterious and exciting adventure of its reading, between ghosts of the past, memories of the future and yearnings of the present, telling the story of Adolf from his humble beginnings in the streets of Vienna, his hidden initiation into the esotericism of Thule society and the later golden age of the German National Socialism between 1933 and 1939, until the end of the war and his supposed death related by Adolf Hitler himself in his secret exile in Argentina and his brief stay in 1945 at the Eden Hotel.

A succession of characters and events never before unveiled, leads us to the understanding of the true intention and purpose of one of the most controversial and hated characters in history, hated and feared by the manipulation of the truth executed by the winners, deceiving entire generations for more than 70 years to maintain the power of the current Zionist cabalistic system that today submits us.

A journey in time that is a space full of Magic for those who love Life, showing the invisible framework to the eyes of those who have fallen in the spell cast by our enemies, to stop what 70 years later would be the rebirth from among the ashes to fulfill the destiny and Liberate Humanity from the prison of its own mind and the demons that submit it.

Five chapters that narrate the events behind the apparent. The traps of the Talmudic. The secrets kept in unexpected hiding places full of dust, illuminating one of the darkest moments in the history of Humanity, when the demons dared to dishonor us and subject us to their most perverse and inhuman whims and desires.

The Never-told Story For those who love life A battle The Liberation of mankind The Traps of the Talmudic